WELCOME TO Tamar Decor, your resource for Unique and Chic Styles in Home Decor.  Established since 2008 in Philadelphia, PA, the shop was created out of a joy to inspire through creativity with a great emphasis on earthy art-centered, cultural themes, while gaining respect for authentic Arts&E as Tamara worked as a Talent Scout.  Her background in Business/English allowed her to explore various career paths, from working as Editor Publishing to High School Sub Business Teacher to Recreation/Behavior Health Therapy.  However, after earning a B.A. in college, she was accepted in the Freedom Theatre Performing Arts of Philadelphia Dance Program, which influenced and enriched her knowledge in the Arts, Culture, Roots of Independent Thinking, and Entrepreneurship. 

Tamara's upbringing in the "City of Brotherly Love" where her mother, a retired Educator/Author and her father, a retired Sr. Mgr. of PennDOT, whose origins are of South Carolina, were skillful in creating a home environment demonstrated in colorful, challenging, yet creative ways on how to play, love, and live a life of Integrity. 

Her mother was also skillful in creating handcrafts made of window treatments, Afro-Influenced Art, and other intriguing decorative styles for their home.  This resonated with Tamara as a youth as she eventually began to flourish in her own collection of artistic and creative projects.   

Our aim is to continue to build upon and to produce unique, earthy, and essential comforts for all to enjoy.